Health information

Dr. Michael D. Jacobson, CHM medical consultant, helps CHM members gain insight on relevant health issues from a biblical perspective. Dr. Jacobson’s health articles appear in each CHM monthly newsletter.


The Christian Healthcare Ministries’ free medical consulting service assists members in making wise medical choices and controlling skyrocketing health care costs. The free consulting service attempts to meet that need through a variety of resources.

The Request for Medical Information (RFI) sheet allows you to submit questions about your particular medical condition to Dr. Jacobson. The consulting service has saved members many thousands of dollars and is especially valuable before you experience significant expense. It can assist you in determining the best approach to your medical need.

Our purpose is not to replace your primary physician, but to be a resource to you (and your doctor). This service consults with the leadership of CHM to reduce unnecessary costs and to keep member financial gifts low.