Step-by-step guide to submitting medical bills to CHM
This information is also in our how to submit medical bills video. As you receive medical bills from your healthcare providers, please take the following steps to submit them to CHM. Medical bills must be itemized (please note: a receipt is not an itemized bill) and should show any discounts you’ve obtained and payments you’ve made. You can download a sample medical bill log that will help you keep track of your medical bills. (The sample given shows maternity bills but can be adapted and used for any major medical situation.)

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    All the forms you need to submit are available as a free download, or you can submit your bills and forms online via the Member Portal. These forms are the Needs Processing Form (both sides), the Medical Release Form, the Letter of Explanation and the Prayer Page Request Form (the last form should be sent to CHM only if the treatment was for a pre-existing condition). Alternatively, you can call the Needs Processing department at 1-800-791-6225 and ask that forms be sent to you by mail. It’s important that each form is filled out and submitted promptly to the address listed on the top of each form; missing forms will result in a delay in sharing your bills.

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    Do this even if a discount is still pending. The sooner CHM receives the bill, the sooner the bill can be shared and the faster you can pay your medical providers. You can always let CHM know about a discount later when it has been approved by your doctor or hospital. For bills to be eligible for sharing, CHM must receive bills within six months of the date of service.

    If obtaining itemized bills is a challenge, CHM can instead accept a CMS-1450 or UB-04 from your hospital or a CMS-1500 (formerly HCFA-1500) from your doctor—these are standardized billing forms used by health care providers. If your provider seems puzzled by what information, exactly, CHM needs to process your medical bills, please tell them that these standardized forms contain the exact information we need. If you still need help getting an itemized bill, contact CHM at 1-800-791-6225.

    For members with Medicare only: Please submit your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) in lieu of itemized bills. (We also need a copy of the EOB from any health insurance plan you may have). The only exceptions—situations in which you’d need to send itemized bills—are prescriptions and any bills from non-Medicare participating providers. (If your healthcare provider doesn’t accept Medicare, you’ll have to file a CMS 1490S form with Medicare and send CHM your updated Medicare Summary Notice when you receive it.)

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    Sharing time can take up to 120 days

    Notify CHM if your provider sets a time limit for reduced charges and the CHM staff will work with your provider to share the bill(s) on time. In general, bills are shared in the order they’re received at the CHM office. Also, the larger the discount given by providers, the faster bills often can be shared.